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MarDeux Partners with Conscious Leadership Business to Propel Forward a Modern Concept in an Aging I

If you know me at all, you know that I am a passionate person. What does that even mean though? It means when I get into something, I tend to GET INTO IT- I dig around, roll in it and want to do it, think it, be it all the time. This was one of those passion projects for me.

Enter my client, Productive Learning, an incredible business built over 25 years ago on one astounding principle - that each person has the ability within themselves to create the exact life they want. What?! I know, when I first got involved with them (as a client) I was just as confused as you are right now.

You see, the "self-help" industry realistically began in last half of the twentieth century, when the publishing industry saw an uptick in the types of non-fiction books people were purchasing. People seemed to be curious in the idea of how their beliefs and thoughts were not only affecting their own lives, but the lives of others. Some believe it goes hand-in-hand with postmodernism and a general sense that people began questioning ideas that traditionally have been presented and taken as fact.

​Fast forward to the 21st century and you have a $10 billion industry focused on helping individuals, help themselves. And Productive Learning has their little slice of that pie by leveraging their unique take on the whole concept of "self-help." They believe that although the answers lie within you, growth and goals can be achieved exponentially faster and with wildly fantastic results, when done so in a small group setting, learning from others' experiences and using real life examples from your own experiences to share and grow. The concept challenges the idea that mere "theory" alone can produce real, sustainable changes. That by simply reading a book on "how to get your best life" may not actually equal, getting your best life. They believe that it is your personal thinking, beliefs experiences, choices and feelings that drive the outcome of your life, not just the knowledge of a topic.

For example, I love to use the analogy of fitness and weight loss. I would probably venture to guess that the vast majority of you reading this right now, technically know what to do to be in shape. You know what foods aren't good for you, and that you should probably exercise and get decent sleep. But for some reason, we don't always do those things - DING, DING, DING. You don't always do those things because there are thought patterns, ideologies, feelings, beliefs and a whole host of other things that come into play when you make decisions. Hence, my new found fascination with not only understanding myself, but helping a company that helped me transform my life and the lives of over 6,500 other people.

Over the course of a few months, I helped Productive Learning develop a completely new product offering focused on high-powered individuals looking to learn about themselves and their thinking as it applies to their roles in the business. The idea came about as a way for clients to move beyond best practices (which many of them already know) and move toward their next tier of success both for their businesses and for themselves.

So here is a snip it of the work I did to help them launch the new program. The website, the leadership assessment, and the content was all done in partnership and I am so thrilled to share it with you all now because you can't get much more mindful than this! Enjoy!

Thanks for reading!


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